David Lilley Video Course

This 72 minute duration Video Course (a recorded Webinar by David Lilley) has been created for people who are keen to ensure they have a basic but strong knowledge of marketing. The webinar is very relaxed in style of delivery and particularly useful in helping people to understand what Social Media websites and applications are really required and especially how to drive traffic to a Landing Page

The webinar is  particularly useful  for those who have experience of working in the Network Marketing Industry and who recognise they need to get better at Social Media & Internet Marketing.

The course is a modestly priced £10 for a single viewing. After payment is made, 24 hours are given to watch the video. The viewing code then expires.

Terms & Conditions:

1. £10 gives one person access to the Video Training  for 24 hours only

2. No rights are given for people to copy, screen record and distribute the content shared in the video

3. No refunds will be issued after payment has been made.

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