August 10, 2012

Matthew Moody is a successful entrepreneur and business owner with interests in several leading businesses in niche markets.

Formerly Head of Revenue Management for Europe, Middle East and Asia for Cendant (a global Fortune 100 business), Matthew has 11 years experience in yield and inventory management, marketing, customer research, business modelling and delivering tangible results under pressure.

Matthew has recently built a substantial multi-million pound portfolio in the UK real estate market and concentrated his focus in this arena with complimentary businesses including a seminar company, networking events, lead generation and landlord furniture supplier.

In addition to these businesses, he also has extensive experience in network marketing, online marketing and marketing consultancy.Matthew brings a positive attitude coupled to a tenacious approach with an open and enquiring mind.  Able to assimilate complex business systems and financial figures quickly whilst adding value to the bottom line, Matthew is a valuable member of the Marketing Innovations consultancy team.

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