Marketing Innovations can assist you to put in place a considered and substantiated sales & marketing strategy.

Using experience gained across working for blue chip companies, large organisations, SME’s and start up businesses around the UK and parts of Europe, Marketing Innovations has the knowledge, experience and desire to assist you across all areas of your business.

1.    What do your customers really want?
2.    Where can you find and win new customers?
3.    What represents a profitable customer for you?
4.    What is the customer cycle?
5.    What is the lifetime value of a customer?
6.    How should you communicate with your customers?
7.    What are the most cost effective methods to communicate with your customers?

These are just seven of many questions you need to consider when creating a winning  Sales & Marketing Strategy. Marketing Innovations have a proven pedigree for assisting organisations with business plans & strategies – especially marketing strategies.

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