August 10, 2012

David Lilley has a warm personable character which easily wins the confidence of the people he works and socialises with, this is balanced by an experienced and practised business acumen developed over the years by working for large multi national companies.

I enjoy his passion for business and “getting the job done”. Our dealings with RCI have been heavily underpinned by David Lilley and his team.

I attribute our business success and networking progress within the resort industry to David Liley’s enthusiasm and professionalism. He has excellent presentation and speaking skills and can successfully communicate his message easily using all modern communication methods – He is unselfish in sharing these preparation and delivery skills with the people he works with. In summary David Lilley’s marketing, selling and communication skills bring an excellent balance to any business environment, this coupled with an engaging character will guarantee David Lilley future business and social success for the future

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