David Lilley won respected awards during his career with both American Express & RCI Europe. Here are the words that were used to describe the performance that won the awards for David Lilley.

American Express. April 2001

“Our drive into the new industry sector is an important part of our growth strategy. David spearheaded our move into the utilities sector by devising an entry strategy, signing up our first two customers and taking his successful approach to colleagues in other European markets. His own sales figures of 184%, his drive to do everything better and his willingness to share more than he takes, made David a worthy winner”

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RCI Europe. March 2005

Congratulations on being selected to receive the 2005 Navigator Award! You are amongst just three associates from the Global Business Group to share this well deserved hnour. The Award was created to recognise those RCI leaders worldwide who demonstrate superior performance and exemplify RCI’s core values in support of our company vision. As an Award winner, you join an elite group of GBG associates whose remarkable intelligence, passion for our industry, complete integrity and deep commitment to our company’s success will lead us to ‘build membership in travel’. In addition to successfully upholding our core values, you were also chosen for this honour for having a profound impact on our business by developing and implementing innovative ideas, creating opportunities to enhance profit and reduce costs and providing superior customer service. Your contributions and strong leadership help navigate RCI towards success as we work to achieve our MAG 7 initiatives and grow our business for the future.

I would personally like to thank you for your hard work on behalf of RCI and our affiliate clients. You embody the true spirit of RCI and help to define the Global Business Group as a world class sales force.

Ken May, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 

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