Sound is the second most dominant human sense.

Nowadays your business can capitalise on the undoubted power of the spoken word by producing the equivalent to your very own Radio Show or Radio Style content. This audio content can be streamed via your website, made available on I-tunes* or even produced on Compact Disc (CD).

Marketing Innovations are audio recording and editing specialists. Our audio team includes people who have many years’ experience in Commercial / Community Radio production and presentation.

As a further benefit of choosing our services, we can bring our Portable Recording Equipment to your premises, enabling recorded interviews to be captured at your convenience.

Whether you need an audio style Documentary or Professional Company Podcast, Marketing Innovations can help. Marketing Innovations also provides a CD & DVD Replication Services and is very competitive on quantities of up to 1000 units.

*I-Tunes have processes in place to approve all submitted audio. Whilst rejection of quality materials is unlikely, Marketing Innovations cannot guarantee that I-Tunes will approve every submitted programme.

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